Install webroot with key code

Install webroot with key code – key code activation complete steps and links to download and install your antivirus. Also, get instant help on all computers.

What is webroot activation key code

The webroot security package is simple to setup & install at

If you purchase a webroot antivirus product from any retail store then you should have that activation code on your webroot retail card.

It is a combination of the Alpha-Numeric Code written on the backside of your retail card. It is basically used to verify and activate your webroot antivirus product at

For user understanding Easy to find 20-character alpha-numeric code has been given below; Here may be a sample product key

How to install webroot with key code

  1. An important step to install web code with keycode is to install the code with the main code
  2. First of all, make sure that the user has a good internet connection.
  3. open web browser and search for Install Webroot with key code (Bing recommended)
  4. And then an install file will be downloaded automatically.
  5. double click on the install file (wsainstall.exe)
  6. This will prompt you to enter the activation code
  7.  enter an alphanumeric code of 20 digits

Here is how you can do it in some simple steps

  1. Download wsainstalll.exe file
  2. Do you want to run this file
  3. Then Enter the activation code, the install will only take a few seconds, Please enter your key code
  4. You are protected